Friday, May 13, 2011

7 Things on Friday?

Style Shout Out to 7 Things...

Jonathan Introducing My Daughter
If you pop in regularly then you know that Thursday is usually the day I set aside for giving thanks.  In addition to being grateful for my family, friends, health and happiness I find 7 things to be thankful for.

Unfortunately, yesterday the Blogger site experienced some technical difficulties after I had finished writing, but before I could hit the "publish post" button.  So today on Friday I am giving a Style Shout Out to Thursday and 7 things. 

Thanks to Gilt for offering some fabulous designers at some fabulous prices!

Thanks to Seven For All Mankind for designing quality jeans that fit great and are so comfy, and for paving the way for a new generation of denim.

Thanks to the teachers at my daughter's elementary school for hosting a phenomenal lunch for all of the Moms who volunteer.  Truly outstanding home-made wanted!

Thanks to InStyle magazine for being the sunny part of a rainy day when it arrived in my mailbox earlier this week.

Thanks to the American Red Cross for their continued efforts helping those affected by the recent tornadoes in the South.

Thanks to the House Of Blues and my daughter's music school for providing an arena for young people to explore music and giving them a venue in which to perform, and to Jonathan Comacho who is an exceptional piano teacher.  When people heard my 8 year old performing on Mother's Day they were amazed that she has only been playing since last July.

Thanks to my hubby and daughter and the music and laughter that fills our house every day, and for making Mother's Day extremely special this year.  

My Style Shout Out Tip:  Today find your own 7 Things and give thanks!

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