Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day Moments & Memories

Style Shout Out to my daughter and hubby who gave me the most fabulous Mother's Day and some really fabulous memories!

Our weekend was so busy and so much fun!  On Friday evening my daughter decided that with a weekend filled with so much activity it would be good to give me my Mother's Day gift early.  I knew she had been working on something special but I wasn't exactly sure what it was.  When she called me into my hubby's office she dimmed the light and said, "Ok, Daddy!"

My hubby had hooked the Mac up to the TV and my daughter started talking...about me. She had created the most heart-felt power point presentation talking about why I am a great Mom.  Talk about fabulous gifts!  This is one that will always be hard to beat.  She put so much work into it and it was her words...pretty fabulous for 8 years old.  My hubby also surprised me with a great Speedy bag and Jo Malone perfume which is my favorite but the hands down best gift came from my little one.

On Saturday another great gift was seeing my daughter make her First Holy Communion.  It was such an amazing day and I was so proud of her.  We had a family celebration afterwards and it was just a great way to kick off Mother's Day weekend.  She said she felt like a princess, Kate Middleton to be exact, in her Monique Lhuillier dress and I must admit she looked like a princess.  It was such a lovely ceremony and it was great that she made her Communion with some of her friends.  As a Mom one of the greatest gifts is to see your child laughing and happy.

We spent Mother's Day at the House Of Blues which doesn't exactly seem like the type of place you associate with Mother's Day. My daughter's music school was having their showcase and how exciting to see my 8 year old on the House Of Blues stage playing keyboard and singing Miley Cyrus' Simple Song.  When her teacher Jonathan introduced her his words about her being a "sponge" when it comes to absorbing music was so sweet and when she sat down at the keys and wished everyone a Happy Mother's Day I must admit that I did get a tear in my eye.  She looked so adorable and I think I was more nervous than she was as she started to sing.  The best moment for me was during the song when she said, "Sing along now..." and everyone in the audience did just that.  I cannot tell you how proud I was that at such a young age she was able to get up on that stage and do her thing.

When we were driving home I asked her if she was nervous before walking onto the stage at the House Of Blues.  She replied, "Daddy says if you're prepared there's really no reason to be nervous and you always say a stage is a stage is a stage.  No nerves.  It was fun."

Well, I must say it was fun.  The entire weekend was filled with some wonderful moments that have created some wonderful memories.  I was a very proud Mom this weekend, as I am every day, but not just because my daughter made her Communion or performed at the House Of Blues but because she is growing up to be an amazing young lady who has confidence, character, and compassion.  What more can a Mom ask for...well maybe a powerpoint presentation or two.

Hope you all had a Happy Mother's Day!

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