Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Power Of A Princess

Style Shout Out to Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, who is on her way to becoming a style icon.

Before I had my daughter I worked in marketing.  It's amazing that even though I haven't worked in that environment since my little one was born I think I will always wear my marketing cap.  It's a mind set...a certain way of looking at things.  Whether I am sitting at my daughter's music school, getting a hair cut or shopping in a store I am constantly looking at how the brand could be better positioned or am thinking of ways to make changes that would increase the level of customer service which would increase sales.  I guess you can take the girl out of the marketing department, but you can't take the marketing department out of the girl.

I find the power of celebrity and the media amazing when it comes to selling products.  And the power varies depending on the celebrity.  Last year when Jennifer Aniston was featured in the "I Really Love My..." article in People Style Watch magazine wearing her Stuart Weitzman Alex espadrilles the shoes became a hot commodity and literally sold out every where.  Even Nordstrom with their outstanding customer service and this amazing ability to make shopping magic happen could not locate these shoes in a size 8.  The good news is they are available again this season in the classic khaki as well as some other fun colors and are a very versatile shoe for the warm weather months.

So Jennifer Aniston is one of those celebrities that can make a product fly out of the store even if she is not officially endorsing the product.  I have a feeling that Kate Middleton will also have this effect on the shopping habits of many people and will most likely become one of the biggest fashion influencers.

Besides the fact that her stunning Alexander McQueen wedding dress and the dress she wore to the evening reception have already been recreated and will hit stores in time for Summer weddings, people seem to be searching quite a bit on Google for things related to the Princess, excuse me, Duchess.

Being fascinated with marketing I love watching the trends. When Kate left with William the day after their wedding the photos of them holding hands were every where.   She was dressed in a simple blue dress from Zara, black jacket and L.K. Bennett black patent leather espadrilles.  I kid you not you cannot get the espadrilles right now but with the number of women looking for that shoe it is highly likely that L.K. Bennett will reintroduce this classic espadrille.  After checking online to find that Kate's blue dress was unavailable, I called my local Zara store Monday afternoon.   I was informed that the blue "Kate" dress had sold out that day.  Apparently it hadn't been the hottest selling dress in the store...until the world watched the Princess happily walking with her Prince.

Do I think the dress is cute?  Yes, it's an adorably stylish dress but if it wasn't for Kate I'm sure Zara would still have a few of them in stock.   You see, I think it's not so much the "Jennifer" shoes, the "Kate" dress, or the "Kate" espadrilles but the feeling you get when you wear the item.  That's the power of marketing...the Power of a Princess.

My Style Shout Out Tip:  Take your style cues from celebrities but don't follow a trend if it doesn't suit you.  Wear what you love and wear it with confidence and you too will experience the Power of a Princess.

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