Thursday, January 27, 2011

7 Things on Thankful Thursday

Style Shout Out for  7 things to be Thankful for on Thursday.

Gratitude!  Sometimes I feel like we just don't focus enough on the positive and giving thanks for the things we have!  I am always thankful for family and friends and health and happiness!

In addition here are 7 things I am thankful for today and maybe this will inspire you to make your own list.

1.  Thanks to Loehmanns for posting my blog "Tuesday's Treasure" on their Facebook wall and to everyone that read and liked it!

2.  Thanks to Saks for having an awesome sale.  Who knew you could pick up a pair of J Brand Houlihans for under $150.00!  And don't get me started on the Cole Haan boots!

3.  Thanks to LNA Clothing for a great sample sale.  And if you're not in Los Angeles you can check out their web site for some super soft tees at super sale prices!

4.  Thanks to Sarah Sellers for following on Twitter.  We are wishing you the best when you get to Hollywood with American Idol.   And thanks to Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson for giving her that golden ticket!

5.  Thanks to online fashion magazine Fashion Wrap Up for being a great read with my morning coffee.  Love love love the videos of the day.

6.  Thanks to Rachel Roy for designing the classic shift dress that Michelle Obama wore at the State of the Union.,default,sc.html

7.  Thanks to everyone who reads this blog post!

Happy Thursday!

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