Monday, January 24, 2011

Houlihans - Hype or Hurray?

Style Shout Out to J Brand Jeans and the skinny on these skinny cargos.

When J Brand introduced their Houlihan cargo pants I admit that I did not hop on the bandwagon immediately.  Every time I opened an email from Singer22 or Coolspotters I saw them on stylish trend-setting celebrities like Rachel Bilson and Gwen Stefani.  But I had cargo pants and just didn’t see the need for another pair.

As the months wore on I began to notice that unlike other brands, J Brand Houlihans were actually gaining popularity and were still on the forefront of fashion trends.

With Stuart Weitzman 
Ballet Flats
Last week I got an e-mail from Saks and it was the best kind...BIG SALE.   As I was perusing the sale items I came across J Brand Houlihans.   I thought, “Houlihans on sale.  Was it a mistake or fate?"  But there was no mistake.  Here were these cargo pants that I had been following for a while, in this great vintage olive color.  There were so few sizes left but YES my size was available.

So how can you go against fate?  You can’t, so I ordered these pants not knowing what to expect.  My cargos arrived in three days.  Thank you Saks for such timely standard delivery.  Pulling them out of the box I immediately tried them on and saw for myself what the fuss was all about.  From the moment you put these cargo pants on you realize there is something special about them. 

Houlihans with Cole Haan
Liberty Boots
These cargo pants accentuate the positive and do a great job of playing down the negative.  The skinny leg makes it easy to achieve many different looks.  You can wear these with ballet flats, boots and  I saw a picture of Rachel Bilson on Coolspotters wearing her Houlihans with heels and it really worked in a relaxed chic sort of way. 

This is a pair of pants I put in the “work-horse” section of my closet because I know I am going to wear them often and all year long because of their versatility.

So I say, “No hype here - Hurray for Houlihans.”

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