Thursday, January 6, 2011

Shoes or Art - That Is The Question

Style Shout Out to Christian Louboutin for creating shoes my fashion-savvy 8 year old describes as "a work of art" for your feet.  But I digress...

Christian Louboutin Mater Claude
Last October my husband and I took our daughter to the mall to look for an outfit to wear for her first showcase at her music school.  She had a good idea of what she was looking for and wanted Daddy's opinion as well as mine.  Since my husband is not so much the avid shopper he was excited that we had a shopping strategy that would guarantee success within 3 hours...lunch included!

We entered the mall through BarneysNY and as we passed through women's shoes my daughter stopped in front of the Christian Louboutins with their gleaming red soles and exclaimed, "Look at all of those's like a wall of art!  I've never seen anything like it."  And as we gazed at the wall, each pair of Louboutins in a separate cubby with a small overhead light to illuminate them I realized she was right. It was a wall of art...Really beautiful, wearable art.

One of the sales associates overheard the remark saying that she had never heard the wall described as art, and my daughter said that she had never seen shoes all the way up a wall before.  Then the girl asked, "What kind of Louboutins are in Mommy's closet?" To which my daughter replied, "None. But I've seen them at Neimans and in InStyle Magazine and I hope Santa will bring Mom a pair."

So it was a good shopping day.  We made it out of the mall in 3 hours (lunch included),  my daughter found an awesome and age appropriate showcase outfit at crewcuts, and Santa must have heard her because this year for Christmas there was a beautiful pair of Louboutins under the tree.

I asked my husband if he could build me an illuminated cubby.  He said after 20 years it's good that I still keep him laughing. Of course I was joking.  My Louboutins have a special place in my closet next to my Converse.  Shoes are meant to be worn not displayed even if they are works of art and I want my daughter to have that understanding too.

So, thanks Christian Louboutin for designing beautiful shoes and to Santa for listening to my fashion-savvy 8 year old (and to Gigi and Laura at Neiman Marcus) for my own pair of art!!!

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