Thursday, January 20, 2011

It's All In The Bag...

Style Shout Out to Gucci...because it’s all in the bag...

Medium Gucci Sukey Bag
Last year for Mother's Day my husband gave me a classic Gucci bag.  It was a medium Sukey and the perfect size to hold all of my everyday essentials and then some.  I had seen the larger version of this bag on Giuliana Rancic and it looked fabulous.

Opening that Neiman Marcus box reminded me of growing up in the New York area where the brand of choice among many fashion savvy women, my Mom included, was Gucci.  While I was in college I dreamt of graduating, getting my first job and making enough money to buy a sporty car and a Gucci bag.

It turns out I could cross the Gucci bag off my list because my parents bought me one for graduation.   Excited, YES!!!  The car, well that's another story.

My Dad always says, “wear a great pair of shoes, carry a great bag, and make a great statement.”  Wise words.  There was something so magical about that Boston bag.  I know it probably sounds silly but carrying that bag while wearing my 501’s and a white tee made an ordinary outfit feel extraordinary.

I think that’s what makes fashion for me so much fun.  Sometimes it’s just about that one great piece that transforms a look, or that one awesome pair of shoes, or that one statement bag. 

DVF Flats & Gap Tee
Talking to a friend recently she said she was off to the mall to buy a handbag for Spring.  She does this at the start of every season.  I suggested a Gucci and she said, “Not everyone can afford a bag like that.”  So I told her that over the course of the last 10 years she has probably spent more on less expensive handbags than I have spent on the bags in my closet.  “I haven’t thrown a bag out in over 15 years,” I said. 

My philosophy is simple.  A designer bag is an investment.  If you buy a classic shape and take care of it you will have that bag for years.   In this instance I truly believe less is more.  I would rather have fewer bags in my closet but have them be great bags.  

Christmas Present
Honestly, I have a Gucci in my closet that my husband gave me for Christmas before my daughter was born.  It still looks great, still gets used.  The other day I was picking her up from school and another Mom said, “Love your outfit.”  Seriously, I was wearing Levis, a white tee, ballet flats, leather jacket...and that Gucci bag.

I thanked her and said, "It's all in the bag!"  And a great pair of shoes doesn't hurt either!

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