Monday, January 10, 2011

I Am Always Going To Be Me

Style Shout Out to all of the fashionistas who follow their hearts - my fashion-savvy 8 year old included!!!  Because of you, I am always going to be me!!!

Like so many 8 year old girls, my daughter watches Disney and sees the clothes the Disney stars like Selena Gomez, Emily Osment and Miley Cyrus are wearing.  The challenge as a Mom is carefully navigating the fashion waters with her to make sure that while her style comes through, she is able to make choices that are age-appropriate.

While shopping for an outfit for her to wear in her first showcase,  we walked into one of her favorite stores.  She was like a mini Bobbie Thomas or Rachel Zoe pulling clothes from the racks to create some fabulous outfit.  The sales associate asked if we needed any help and her question was met with the polite reply,  "No thank you, I know exactly what I'm looking for."  Of course she knew...she has always known!

Watching my daughter pick up a plaid scarf, the sales associate said, "Oh, we don't put that scarf with that henley.  My daughter's response, "That's okay if you don't, I do."  And pointing to a color in the scarf she said, "See this color?  It so totally works with the color of the tank that's under the henley.  It's about the layering and the pop of color!"

And she was right, it did so totally work.  And it was about the layering and the pop of color.  The sales associate showed us some glittery sequined tops and vests.  To which my daughter responded, "Thanks but too bling-y."  When the girl told her that everyone was wearing stuff with bling my daughter replied, "But I'm not everyone, I'm me."

It amazes me that at such a young age my daughter has a style confidence that a lot of adults don't possess.  She follows her heart and has fun with fashion and that makes me smile!

The sales associate heard my daughter happily singing softly and said, "Good luck at your showcase. You could be the next Hannah Montana."  She thanked her for the compliment, smiled and replied, "I am not going to be the next anyone, I am always going to be me."

As a Mom, those words were music to my ears!!!

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