Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Shorts

Style Shout Out – to a day of rest so today we keep it SHORT!

To Jimmy Fallon – thanks for the follow on Twitter.  I am now REALLY cool in my daughter’s eyes as well as my hubby’s but the pressure is on to write some really witty and interesting things about style.

To Isaac Mizrahi for reading my blog post entitled “Out With the Old, In With the Old” – again this has added to my cool factor with my daughter as well as some of my fashionable friends.

To Sarah Sellers for your outstanding American Idol audition that landed you that golden ticket to Hollywood.   You rocked it when you sang at the Septien showcase in Dallas and we’re sure you will rock it on Idol.

To American Idol for focusing on the positive in your first two shows of Season 10, and for giving us the fashion-savvy and talented Jennifer Lopez and the ever-outrageous Steven Tyler who is the living definition of  Rock Star.  If I’m being honest, this makes for good television.

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