Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bright Lights, Big Color

Style Shout Out to the Loft...or as my daughter calls it...the store with the bright lights and big color!!!

A few days before Christmas my daughter and I went shopping to pick up a gift for my sister.  As we were walking around the mall I pointed to one of my favorite stores and she said, "No Mommy I don't like that store so much."  I asked her if it was because they didn't carry clothes for kids and she smiled and replied, "That's not it.  It's just too dark and the clothes don't look good in that kind of light.  Let's go to the Loft.  It's so bright and colorful!" 

As we entered the Loft I looked at the store through my daughter's eyes and fully understood where she was coming from.  The store was bright and uncluttered and there was a great assortment of clothes, from the neutrals that I like to the bright colors that she likes. 

As we walked around the store it took her just a few minutes to find what she described as "the perfect gift".  I asked what made it perfect and she replied, "Well it's in style with the ruffles in the front.  And it's a tank which is good for LA because you can layer it.  The color is perfect for her.  And I just love it and so will she, that's what makes it perfect."   

And for me it was the perfect day as we headed home with our Christmas shopping finished.  My daughter was so excited about the gift she had selected.  On Christmas Day there was a look of satisfaction on her face as she watched her Aunt open her present and declare, "It's the perfect gift...seriously!"  And as my sister took the top out of the box she said, "I love the Loft - it's so bright."  To which my daughter responded, "I know...Bright Lights, Big Color.  I wish they sold kids clothes."

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