Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Style Shout Out to UGG Australia for making boots that keep feet toasty warm,  and look good doing it!

I was first introduced to UGG boots when I was living in Southern California in the early 90's.  All of my surfer friends wore them and talked about how their wasn't a better shoe for keeping your feet warm after surfing.  Their UGG boots knew no season.  Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall...UGGS were always at the beach.

Being from the North East, and never having seen these boots on the pavement of New York City streets,  I turned my nose up a bit at these odd shoes, and never thought I would ever buy a pair.  After all, I may have been living in Southern California at the beach but I wasn't a surfer.  I was an aspiring songwriter and had a real day job.

My Mom always says, "Never say never" and boy was she right.  Fast forward a few years later and UGG boots were making their way from the beaches of Southern California and into the streets of the cities becoming a part of the mainstream.  We were living in Dallas, a city that prides itself on "dressing up" and everywhere I looked I was surrounded by UGGS.  It didn't seem possible that a surfer boot had made it over 2000 miles but it did.

I finally gave in to this sensation that was sweeping the country when we were being transferred to New Jersey.  I knew I would need a comfortable boot to keep my feet warm.  Sitting in the women's shoe department at the Dallas Galleria Nordstrom I waited while the sales associate found a chestnut classic short in my size.  "You're in luck, last pair.  You don't wear them with socks you know," he said pulling the boots out of the box.  "I know," I said, "But thanks."

So boots on, I did the usual walk around and look in the mirror.   They did look cute with my jeans tucked in and boy were they comfortable right out of the box.  We got to New Jersey where just like Dallas the UGG boot made it's presence known.   I had forgotten just how cold the winters were in that part of the country and I am happy to say that my UGG boots got me through that winter and many others in style!

I don't know why there are still so many that say, "UGH" when they see an "UGG" but for me they have become a wardrobe staple.  Even Jimmy Choo sees the part that UGG plays in our world of fashion and has teamed with them to make some pretty amazing boots.

UGG has really expanded their line to include shoes and sandals so you could say that there really is an UGG for all seasons now.

So, thanks for the comfort and style!  I say UGG, not UGH!

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