Wednesday, January 19, 2011

If I'm Being Honest...

Style Shout Out to American Idol as it begins it's 10th Season...If I'm being honest...

It seems like the "Party in the USA"  has begun with Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler joining Randy Jackson at the judges table.

I sat down tonight to write about something totally in fashion but was totally sidetracked by my family watching Idol.  The theme song begins, you hear Ryan Seacrest's voice, and of course, I could have taken my laptop and moved to another room but if Idol's on the TV it draws you in, case closed.  And as I thought about it isn't American Idol "in fashion"...I mean now that they have added Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler to the show you have that cool couture meets rock chic thing going on and that is going to make for quite a bit of fun this season.

Watching Idol, just like in other season kick-off shows, there were the good, the bad, the laughs, the tears and then there were those lucky enough to have "IT"!  You know that certain something that says to the world, "I am going places, and you are going to want to follow - no twitter pun intended."  I think it's "IT" that makes a person successful no matter what their industry.  My uncle who worked in the entertainment industry used to say, "You either have "IT" or you don't.  There is no in between."  I agree.  And apparently so does Jennifer Lopez because tonight on Idol when asked what she thought of one of the contestants she replied, "She has IT."

Tyler was as raw and uncensored as one can be on network television but he definitely brings his own sense of style to the party as he always does.  Did you happen to catch him on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon...Absolutely Fabulous!  The best words of wisdom from the much-experienced Tyler tonight on Idol, "Sing like you do when no one is looking."

For me personally I couldn't wait to see what Jennifer Lopez would wear.  And her outfits did not disappoint, especially the first with the black turtleneck and the adorable green print skirt.  It was like the red carpet all over again, yet no British humor since Simon has made his exit and Ricky Gervais was not asked to host this gig. 

So welcome to the Idol party Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler.  You have made American Idol totally in fashion, if I'm being honest.

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