Tuesday, January 4, 2011

You Just Look Good!!! Thanks AG!!!

Stilt 13 Year Destroyed
Style Shout Out to AG Jeans!!!  A Great Jean for all ages!!!

While the number of denim designers is ever-growing, I have to say that AG has found a way to create jeans that are universally flattering and truly fit the lifestyle of this "Mom-On-The-Go"...

In my closet, I have The Stilt, the Tomboy crop, and the Ex-Boyfriend shorts and while they offer different looks, the flattering fit remains the same.  Every time I wear this brand my hubby of almost 20 years compliments me on how I look,,,yes I said it...almost 20 years and still genuine compliments.

Also, while volunteering at school recently a Mom asked what jeans I was wearing.  It was The Stilt 13-year destroyed.  She said she wasn't sure she could pull off the look but after seeing my outfit she was going shopping.

For a brief moment I walked in the shoes (preferably Louboutins) of Rachel Zoe, Bobbie Thomas, and Stacy London and it was awesome to help someone discover a new fashion trend that was out of their comfort zone.  Not only did I log 3 volunteer hours at school that day, I also made a fashion contribution.

NewYear's Eve Outfit
But one of the best compliments I have gotten while wearing my AG's came from my 8 year old fashion-savvy daughter who was the inspiration for this blog.  After carefully choosing my New Year's Eve outfit, which included my favorite Stilts, my daughter gave me a big hug and said that she was, "thankful for a Mom that doesn't wear Mom jeans."  If you're a Mom you know that when your kids give you the fashion seal of approval it means something.  Let's face it, all kids want their Moms to look good but, again in my daughter's words, "age appropriate", and AG has managed to do just that by creating jeans that flatter so many different women.

I asked my daughter what she liked about the jeans and she said, "They're skinny but not too skinny...they're low but not too low for a Mom...you just look good.  You know age appropriate. (It's amazing how children remember your words when it suits them - but that's a topic for another day).

And there it is in a nutshell, "You just look good."  And honestly that is how I feel when I wear these jeans.  If I never got a single compliment I would wear these jeans anyway because they make me feel so good when I wear them.

So thanks AG Jeans for making denim that is so universally flattering!!!

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