Friday, January 14, 2011


Style Shout Out to OPI and Dell for collaborating to put style at your fingertips.

Dell Netbook
When my daughter was 7 years old she asked Santa for a netbook.  My hubby and I thought it would be a great gift as she was already working on computers in school and was using ours to play on Disney and NickJr web sites.  The computer rules would stay the same...Mom and Dad approved sites only, the netbook stays in the family room, and no surfing the net.  

So, she and I sat down one evening in front of my laptop to look for netbooks.  We checked out a few computer retail web sites and when we got to Dell my daughter got so excited when she realized she could design her own,  "Mom this is awesome. You can pick an OPI nail polish color for your computer.  So cool! "  And I knew at that moment it didn't matter if there was a netbook out there that was faster, smaller or had more memory, Santa would be bringing my fashion-savvy daughter the netbook with "STYLE"!

For the next hour we sat looking at all the colors available while she debated which one to add to her Christmas list.  She narrowed it down to Pompeii Purple and Teal-The-Cows-Come-Home!  And then left it up to Santa to decide which one would make it underneath the tree. 

Dell Netbook
Teal The Cows Come Home
A few days later my daughter and I were picking up some shampoo from our local beauty store when I heard her exclaim, "Mom, Teal-The-Cows-Come-Home.  Oh I hope Santa brings this color netbook and the nail polish to match."  Looking at all of the OPI nail colors we agreed that while the teal color was awesome for a computer, the pale pink Bubble Bath might be better for her 7 year old nails.  Surprisingly she agreed.

So, on Christmas morning she was over the moon when she pulled the OPI Bubble Bath out of her stocking and opened her last present and saw her Teal-The-Cows-Come-Home netbook.

Now she always has STYLE at her fingertips.

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