Friday, January 7, 2011


"You didn't even read the email?" my sister asked.  "GILT-Y as charged," I responded...

Style Shout Out to Gilt Groupe for changing what I initially think of when I hear the word guilt, and for bringing fabulous merchandise at fabulous prices to the consumer.

GUILT...being an Italian-Irish Catholic from New York this is something I know about...but I am trying really hard to break the guilt chain.  I didn't know exactly how I could change the meaning of a word but then one day I got an email from my sister to "join GILT"!!!

 Even though I haven't lived in New York for quite some time my Big Apple skepticism saw the word "join" and I moved the email from my inbox to my "to do" list where it just sat as a "to don't".

Fast forward and my sister is visiting from LA.  My daughter was so excited to see her aunt...Christmas baking, Christmas decorating, Christmas shopping!  Now my sister has very LA meets NY style and of course I noticed her very hip Chan Lu bracelet (love love love) and Seven Jeans with a cool detail on the pocket (so cute)...

"I got them from Gilt, and you wouldn't believe what I paid," she answered when I asked about her outfit.   Well, I honestly couldn't believe what she paid.  It was less than the price of the jeans I was wearing and I am the sister that prides herself on finding great fashion deals.  How could I have let this GILT-Y pleasure pass me by.

My sister said I sent you the email and I was bit embarrassed to admit that I hadn't even opened it when I saw the word "join"...She was so surprised saying, "I sent it to you because you always find the best deals.  I was returning the favor and you didn't even read it."  I responded, "GILT-Y as charged.  I didn't read it."

Long story short I have since opened that e-mail, and joined GILT.  It doesn't cost anything to join but can cost you a lot of extra money by not joining.  Now don't get me wrong, I still totally enjoy shopping with my daughter at stores like Neimans where Laura and Gigi are always so helpful and you can be hands on with the merchandise.  But in today's economy who doesn't feel good saving a buck every now and again.

So thanks GILT for having an awesome assortment of high-end designer delights at non high-end designer prices.  For me you have forever changed the definition of the word guilt, and for that I can't thank you enough.  I recently sent my friends an invitation to join GILT and when one of them said,  "You sent me an email to join something, ugh."  I said, "GILT-Y as charged!"

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