Monday, January 17, 2011

Glitz, Glamour, Gowns & Gervais?

Style Shout Out to the Golden Globes and the beginning of Red Carpet Season!

Olivia Wilde
in Marchesa
I don't know what it is but ever since I was a little girl there is something so exciting about the Red Carpet and awards season.  I can't tell you how many hairspray-can Grammy awards I have accepted and how many times I have thanked the academy for recognizing my work.

Sometimes there is more excitement on the Red Carpet than there is during the actual event itself, unless you have a comedic host like Ricky Gervais.

It was interesting following twitter the night of the Golden Globes.  There were so many comments going back and forth...some loved his hosting and some not so much.  I guess for me, living with a Brit for 20 years I have become used to their sense of humor, so personally I had a lot of laughs and a few gasps of surprise.

But, I figure if you hire Ricky Gervais, you get Ricky Gervais.  Kind of like Russell Brand, even though he was in the movie Bedtime Stories, you probably wouldn't hire him to host a TV show for little kids. (No offense to Russell - we think he's brilliant, as the Brits say).   But the Golden Globes is not a kid's show, and the entertainment industry is pretty provocative so I take it with a grain of salt and get back to the important business of fashion.

Olivia Wilde
in Christian Louboutin Shoes
And the Red Carpet did not disappoint...there was color: the greens, the reds, the pinks.  There were strapless, sleeveless, one-shoulder and long sleeve...there was subtle and there was bold...and then there was the always classic but never boring, black.

We had a few favorites at our house.  Claire Danes looked fresh and fabulous in that gorgeous sherbert-pink Calvin Klein dress.  As did Emma Stone - sleek and age-appropriate!  It still amazes me how Calvin Klein dresses are so simple and yet so amazing.  And, I am so serious, it's like I see one of his gowns on the Red Carpet and I want to buy one immediately, and wear it to?  Exactly, I don't really need a gown for the next PTA meeting, but a girl can dream.

Olivia Wilde was shining in the sparkling yet subtle chocolate Marchesa strapless gown.  My daughter asked if she could have Olivia's dress for prom.  I said we have a few years and we'll see.  Hopefully she will forget about it in the next 7 years.  Anne Hathaway was stunning in the sequined Armani and looked classic as always.  And Eva Longoria carried herself with grace in the simply sexy yet sophisticated Zac Posen.

The make-up looks on the Red Carpet were great and I was so excited when I read that Stila Cosmetics was saying that gloss and matte lipstick are both on trend right now.  This is awesome because it's so important to have choices and since I like both glossy and matte looks this is one less decision I have to make on a daily basis.  Finally I am on trend either way!

Claire Danes
in Calvin Klein
My favorite make up looks of the night were Claire Danes and Olivia Wilde - just really natural.  I know it's glamourous but I am not so much a fan of the red lip, although it totally works for Gwen Stefani.   I think a glowing, natural look (think Jennifer) is a bit more my style.

The jewelry is too awesome to talk about in one or two sentences but I read that stacked bangles were a hit on the Red Carpet and I have to agree.  There is something so great when you slip on a few Ippolita slim bangles and it just transforms your look.

So the Red Carpet season has begun and maybe this is the year I stack my bangles, apply my gloss, get that Calvin Klein gown and slip on my Louboutins...who knows I haven't accepted a Grammy award since I was 8 and this could be the year!!!

Thanks Academy, and Happy Awards Season!

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