Friday, March 4, 2011

Express Yourself

Style Shout Out to 7 For All Mankind and Polyvore for giving you a fashionably fun way to Express Yourself this Spring!

Jennifer Aniston in
Paul Smith Sunglasses
Brenda Song
at Susan G Komen Race
Having grown up with a stylish Mom, I know a lot about self-expression through fashion.  I still remember buying my first Seventeen Magazine when I was 13 and pouring through the pages filled with wide leg jeans and bohemian inspired tops.  My Dad says there is a fashion cycle where trends are reinterpreted and reintroduced every so many years.  Looking through recent issues of InStyle, People Style Watch, and Vogue and walking through Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom yesterday, my Dad's words ring true with the flared leg jean trend for Spring.

But while I am a person who loves following trends from a marketing perspective, I am not a person who buys into all trends.  I tend to use them as an inspiration for my own look and for me that's what fashion is all about.  Fashion is finding what works for you, and knowing that what works for someone else may not work for you.  Two great examples of women who have a strong fashion sense of self in my opinion are Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lopez who both play up their strengths and look in style without following every trend.

Selena Gomez
in concert
7 Jeans
Having an 8 year old daughter I find myself talking about this subject a lot.  As we watch Disney together it gives me a great opportunity to talk with her about fashion choices and things that are age appropriate.  She is a big fan of Brenda Song from the Suite Life but as my daughter says, "London's fashion is fun to watch but I couldn't pull that off in 2nd grade."  But what she has learned is that she can pull off taking cues from the colors that her favorite characters and actresses wear and she can incorporate these into her own look.

So you see I do believe that self-expression through fashion starts at a young age and I also believe that the earlier girls are able to express themselves the more confident they will be in their own skin as they mature into teens and young adults.  And let's face it, confidence is the best fashion accessory.

Jennifer Lopez on
Extra at The Grove LA
Now through March 17th you can go to 7's Facebook page and use the Polyvore mini-editor to create fantastic Spring looks.  Publish your look to the gallery for a chance to win a $1000 7 For All Mankind gift card.  If you have a daughter let her have some fun with it too!  And remember to include something fabulous from 7 For All Mankind into your look!

So thanks to 7 For All Mankind and Polyvore everyone has a chance to express themselves by stepping into the shoes of stylist.  My daughter and I are drawing inspiration from our style icons.  I am personally channeling Bobbie Thomas, Jennifer Aniston & J Lo for this contest and my daughter says she is channeling Brenda Song and Selena Gomez.

So you should channel your inner stylist and head to 7 For All Mankind's facebook page and ...EXPRESS YOURSELF!

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