Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tuesday Treasure - Musical Memories

Style Shout Out to the music that is my treasure.

Joe Jonas giving Claire a high 5 - Jonas Brothers Show
I seriously sat down this morning to write about something very interesting that Jean Chatzky was talking about on the Today Show last week.  Somehow in thinking about the rhythm of my day my thoughts turned to music and how much I consider it a treasure and with that one thought my beat changed.

If you know me, then you know how much I love music. I can't imagine going through the day without it.  Since the first time I picked up a guitar at the age of 10 I have been amazed by what an important role music plays in our lives every day.  Music can be a reminder of milestones as well as the little moments that are just as important.  I find it incredible that the first 10 to 20 seconds of a song can somehow bring me right back to a time and a place like nothing else can - not even a photograph.

My hubby and I were watching Megamind with our daughter on Sunday and the first few bars of ELO's "Mr Blue Sky" came wafting through our speakers.  Before a lyric was sung I was brought back to New Jersey and the day my Dad searched record stores in New York City at lunch and brought home my first ELO album.  Too big to fit in his briefcase,  I was so impressed that the album made it home without a scratch.  I played that record over and over until the vinyl had actual grooves.

Fisherman's at San Clemente Pier
I met my hubby through music as we were both aspiring musicians in California and were introduced by a mutual friend.  His band played mostly originals but every once in a while they would cover a song like U2's "I Will Follow" and every time I hear that song I am magically transported to the San Clemente pier where we played.

My 8 year old is growing up with even more music than I did.  I guess that is inevitable.  When she was a baby I can't tell you how many times we sang and danced her to sleep to Sheryl Crow's "Light In Your Eyes" and Rod Stewart's version of "It Had To Be You" which just happens to be our wedding song - well, the Harry Connick version!

My daughter could sing before she could talk and I've never seen a child take to the drums so quickly - until I saw Never Say Never.  I think her drum skills and rhythm come from the fact that I played drums when I was pregnant.  My doctor, however, says there is no scientific evidence or data to support my theory but that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Selena Gomez in Concert
When I think of my happiest memories there is always a song to mark the occasion.  My daughter recently performed "Magic" by Selena Gomez in her second music school showcase.  It was such a special moment because she's only been playing keyboard for a few months and it also reminded me of how I used to  play the original version by Pilot.

Colbie Caillat Breakthrough
Little moments for me are everywhere. They are made up of the songs my daughter loves singing on the way to school which include Colbie Caillat's "Falling For You",  Hannah Montana's "Party In The USA" and No Doubt's "Sunday Morning" and every time I hear these songs I will be forever reminded of second grade.  The other day while we were playing in our studio she recorded covers of "Party In The USA" and "Simple Song" and for me there were a lot of perfect little moments that made up a perfect day.

Musical moments are every where.  Last week I heard a little girl say, "Yay Me" in Nordstrom when her Mom was buying her new shoes.  I immediately pictured my daughter at age 5 sitting on the couch with me watching Brenda Song as London Tipton on the Suite Life of Zack and Cody singing, "London Tipton's really great....Yay me".

And yesterday we heard Jennifer Lopez singing "Let's Get Loud" and my daughter said, "Mom remember when we went to the Mavs game and they kept playing that song.  Love it!"  Yes, I do love it too, the song and memory.

Jack Lawless' Drum Stick
You see, music is like a date-stamp...marking time and making memories.  Whether it's the day my daughter got a high-five from Joe Jonas and a drum stick from Jack Lawless at a Friends and Family concert at Cowboys Stadium or the day she walked on stage for the first time at age seven and played "Stop & Erase" by Selena Gomez...I have those memories musically marked and I am happy to say that she does too!

So today, find a song and as Steven Tyler would say on American Idol, "Sing like no one is looking!"  Have some fun, make your own memories and find your treasure.

Happy Tuesday!  Happy Treasures!

My Style Shout Out Tuesday Tip - To get your own California look I like a great pair of jeans like J Brand 910 skinnies tucked in boots - you know I'm going for my favorite Stuart Weitzman boots - and a fabulous leather jacket.  This look calls for an LNA white or black tee, some Ippolita gold bangles and a fab scarf...again you know I'm partial to Burberry!

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