Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Unique Brand

Style Shout Out to Russell Brand and his unique brand of funny!

Russell Brand on Today
It seems that during unsettling times the role that comedy plays becomes even more important.  There is something so therapeutic about having a good laugh!  And with so much unrest in the news today it makes sense that so many people tune in to shows like Late Night With Jimmy Fallon as it is so much better to finish the day on a good note.

For me it's all about comedy.  I guess it goes back to my childhood growing up in a house with three sisters where there was always a lot of laughter.  My Mom has a laugh that fills the room and my Dad reminds me of Jerry Seinfeld - a New Yorker with an amazing sense of comedic timing who knows how to deliver a joke and tell an amazing story.

A Great Book of Funny
I kid you not about my Dad's sense of humor.  When his company relocated from Manhattan to Dallas I was living in California.  After spending the majority of a career in New York adjusting to a slower paced environment is difficult.  The funniest was the day he called to tell me that his assistant said she couldn't understand him because he spoke too fast with that "New York accent."  My Dad's response, "I believe from history that New York was one of the thirteen original colonies, so who has the accent?"  Funny, right?  Well, maybe it's funny if you're the New Yorker in the room.

This morning while watching the Today show Meredith Vieira was interviewing Russell Brand who has an accent all his own.  When Brand talks you immediately know that he is English, you immediately know that it is him, and you immediately know he's funny.

Now while Russell's humor may not be everyone's brand of humor, being married to a Brit, I find him hilarious.  Not hilarious in a Seinfeld kind of way who just happens to be my favorite comedian, but hilarious in his own unique sort of Russell Brand way.

As Meredith Vieira put it, "he made his first splash in the US with his role in Forgetting Sarah Marshall now three years later he has not one, but two new movies coming out..."  Those movies are an animation film called "Hop" about a rabbit, voiced by Brand, who is next in line to be the Easter Bunny and a re-make of the comedy classic "Arthur" with him cast as the lovable billionaire who was originally brought to life by Dudley Moore in 1981.

Meredith Vieira Interviews Russell Brand
It is amazing to think that Brand has achieved such success in the States in such a short amount of time.  In response to Vieira's statement to his quick rise to stardom he replied, "I've had a series of very good opportunities and have behaved well,  plus I've had a shave and brushed my hair..."  If you have seen him interviewed before then you know that Brand is quick-witted and his responses can sometimes leave the interviewer blushing.

But Brand has chosen his movie roles very carefully and even though his comedy can be a little racy, his role in Bedtime Stories with Adam Sandler made him a household name even with the young ones.  I know this to be true because when we took our daughter to see "Despicable Me" the minute she heard his voice she blurted out,  "Awesome, Russell Brand is in this movie!"

We already have it on our calendars to see "Hop" this Friday.   My daughter has typed it in to my IPhone and therefore as she says, "It's in the IPhone, so it's definitely happening!"  I guess she, at the age of eight,  already has her own brand of humor.

From The Movie Hop
When Vieira asked about his wife, Katy Perry, Brand replied, "She's gorgeous!" And went on to talk about how marriage has changed him for the better.

So, whether you love him or you don't,  one thing we can probably agree on is that Russell is definitely a unique Brand of funny!  Today, go out and find your own brand of funny!

My Style Shout Out Tip:   Take time in your day to create the opportunities to have a laugh.  Last night while I was making my daughter Ovaltine she said, "Mom, why do they call it Ovaltine?"  I couldn't resist, "I know...the mug is round, the jar is round...they should call it Round-tine."  To which my little one replied, "It was funnier on Seinfeld!"  And even though she was right, we had a good laugh anyway!

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