Monday, March 14, 2011

Style Me, Style Watch

Style Shout Out to People Style Watch Magazine for the fun and interactive event that is happening at a mall near you, and for publishing a great magazine filled with fabulous style tips.

People Style Watch Closet
Yesterday I ran to the mall to do a quick errand.  I was returning a tee shirt to Justice that my daughter "wasn't feeling anymore!"  Sometimes, even at eight things look better in the store than they do in your own closet.  After stopping at Neiman Marcus to say hi to Laura in women's shoes and to make an appointment to look for a Communion dress for my daughter I headed into the mall.

The first thing I noticed was an enormous closet-style display set up in the center of the mall.  It turns out People Style Watch Magazine was having a "Celebrity Stylist" Spring Style event.  The event will take place every weekend in March and really is a great way to check out the trends for Spring from clothes to accessories.  Our event had a stylist on hand to help you find your own personal look so when you continue your shopping and get your purchases home you will "still be feeling it" two weeks later.  There was even a Clinique make-up artisit ready to give you a fresh Springtime make-over.
Now I am a big fan of People Style Watch Magazine for many reasons.  One being that my daughter and I can check out the magazine together because compared to other fashion magazines the ads are relatively tame and I don't have to do much parental editing before we read.

Jennifer Aniston
I also love how they feature fashion and beauty and celebrities.  It's always fun to see something you bought that a celebrity is wearing.  My daughter and I were looking at the March issue and there was an article called 360 Denim and my daughter said, "Mom Jennifer Aniston is wearing your Hudson Jeans and your Stuart Weitzman shoes. She has good taste like you!"  And I think it's great how the magazine features clothes and accessories in "The Look For Less" so if you don't want to spend hundreds for a pair of Gucci shoes, you can see a similar shoe that gives you a similar look.  

So definitely check out your local mall and make an appointment to play in the Style Watch closet.  I am making my appointment for next weekend and am taking my daughter with me so we can have some fun with fashion.  

Thanks People Style Watch for the opportunity to Style Me, Style Watch!


  1. I love the quote "Mom Jennifer Aniston is wearing your Hudson Jeans and your Stuart Weitzman shoes. She has good taste like you!" I love Jennifer Aniston she is one of my style Icon's!

    Another Great Post

    XO - Christy

  2. Thanks so much for giving our People StyleWatch event your shout out! It was such a pleasure to meet you! I hope to speak with you soon, love the blog!!
    Wardrobe Stylist
    People StyleWatch