Monday, March 7, 2011

There's Something About Alex & The Aniston Effect!

Style Shout Out to Stuart Weitzman for Alex!

Jennifer Aniston in
Stuart Weitzman Alex
Last year as I was flipping through the pages of a fashion magazine I came across a picture of Jennifer Aniston wearing the most adorable espadrilles.  Later that week I saw Aniston featured in the "I Really Love My..." article in People Style Watch and it turns out those adorable shoes were Stuart Weitzman's Alex wedge and they looked as cute with shorts as they did with pants.

When I was at Saks that afternoon, before heading to carpool, I tried on the Alex.  It was adorable and unexpectedly comfy for such a high wedge.  As much as I loved them I told the sales associate that I wanted to think it over and not make a rush decision.  He told me they were going fast because of Jennifer Aniston wearing them all the time.  But having worked in marketing and sales I wasn't falling for that line, I was going to think before I purchased.  After all, could Jennifer Aniston really have that much of an effect on the sale of a shoe?

Well, it turns out he wasn't handing me a line about what I now call the "Aniston Effect"...when I went back to Saks the next day my shoes were gone.  Needless to say, by the time I checked Nordstrom, Saks, Neiman Marcus, and Bloomingdales in store and online they were sold out of the shoe in my size.  It was impossible to find them anywhere online, Zappos and Stuart Weitzman included.  I find the power of the Aniston Effect and the effect of celebrity in general to be amazing.  I always tell my daughter that you shouldn't buy something solely because someone famous wears it but it is okay to take inspiration and buy it if you love it.

So regarding the Alex, I did what many style conscious women would have done in my situation where there are some very cute and very fabulous shoes at stake.  I ordered the shoes a size up  hoping that maybe they would run small.  After waiting 6 long days my shoes finally arrived thanks to UPS.  I opened the box with as much anticipation and excitement as my daughter on Christmas morning but sadly this shoe ran true to size and I had to tuck them neatly back into their sassy purple box and take them back to Nordstrom.

Stuart Wetizman Alex
I promised myself that if Stuart Weitzman introduced this shoe again I wouldn't hesitate - I would purchase it when I could find it in my size and color.  My sassy purple box arrived from Nordstrom recently and I am happy to say they are the correct size and are the perfect versatile wedge for me.

So if you are in the market for a cute and comfy wedge for Spring and Summer you may not have to look any further than Alex.  But don't buy this shoe because Jennifer Aniston is photographed in them, or because I love them only if you love them, and don't hesitate or you may be waiting until next Spring to get your sassy purple box.  I've seen Jennifer Aniston photographed in them recently and you know the effect she has on the sales of this shoe!

My Style Shout Out Tip - There's something about Alex with my Hudson Jeans Carly Straight leg.  Roll up the jeans, white tee, long necklace or scarf (I love my Burberry)...and you are all set!

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