Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tuesday's Treasure - Never Say Never

Style Shout Out to Justin Bieber and Scooter Braun because I too believe that you should "Never Say Never!"

Now I never thought that I would be writing a style blog about a movie starring Justin Bieber.  And I know that Justin Bieber and his movie may not be what you consider a topic for a typical style blog but this isn't any typical concert movie and this really isn't any typical teenager.  He is a teenager who is as much at home on the stage as he is off the stage.

Being at home on a stage doesn't come easy for everyone and that is why my 8 year old daughter amazes me.  She has been taking piano lessons for 6 months and had her second showcase at her music school on Sunday.  I truly believe I was more nervous than she was as the venue was full.   She chose to sing the Selena Gomez version of Magic which is such an upbeat song.  She did a great job considering she has never taken a voice lesson and the smile on her face as she walked off the stage said it all.  She was at home!

To celebrate her showcase my hubby and I took her out to dinner and as a special treat yesterday after school we took her to see "Never Say Never."  Now I should start by saying that noone in our household has had "Bieber Fever" and we said we never would. The closest we have come was when my daughter was sick last month with strep throat and a fever of 102 degrees!

We are a family very familiar with the music of Disney having been to Hannah Montana and Jonas Brothers concert movies, and Jonas Brothers and Selena Gomez concerts, but I have to admit that until today my daughter didn't own a Justin Bieber CD.  My hubby and I had seen Jusitn Bieber during his press tour for the movie and were quite impressed by the way he handled himself, and his story was compelling so we suggested seeing the movie.

If you have children and you haven't seen "Never Say Never" you should take them.  And if you dropped your kids at the theater I would recommend taking them again and staying. This isn't just a movie about a kid who got famous.  It is really a feel good movie about working hard to fulfill your dreams.  It's about not letting anyone tell you that you can't do something.  It's about surrounding yourself with positive people.  It's about focus and dedication and creating your own luck.  My hubby always says luck is a combination of preparation, opportunity and timing and after seeing this movie I believe that to be true.

As we were driving home my hubby asked our daughter what she took away from the movie and she said, "Well you know when his parents split up he was 10 months old and he doesn't focus on the negative.  He seems to work through the negative to always focus on the positive.  That's cool."  She went on to talk about how she didn't realize that he was such a good drummer and guitar player.  And she didn't know he played piano.  And she didn't know he was such a hard worker.

Needless to say we were taken aback.  We thought she would say his baby pictures were cute or he's really talented or the performance with Miley was great...but she got the message loud and clear.  This is a story about positivity and surrounding yourself with people that can influence you in a good way.  It is a story of a single Mom who put her son first, about Grandparents who helped raise a little boy with values so he would grow up to be caring and confident, about a man named Scooter Braun who had conviction and amazing marketing skills, and it's about a vocal coach named Jan Smith, a superstar named Usher and an industry legend named L.A. Reid who believed.

So last night I didn't have to remind my daughter to practice her piano, she picked up her guitar and had a little jam session with her Dad and even wrote her second song.

When I tucked her in she thanked me again for taking her to the movie and in her prayers she asked that Justin stay a good role model and that his voice stays healthy.

But don't just take my word for it...take your kids...and Never Say Never!

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