Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tuesday Treasure - A Sweet Song

Style Shout Out to Brenda Song and Revolve Clothing because we spent Spring Break with a Song!

Last week was Spring Break for many children.  My 8 year old ended up with bronchitis and so we spent a lot of time inside making sure that she got the rest she needed to get better.  If you are the Mom of school age kids then you know that means we played a lot of board games, did a lot of drawing, and watched a lot of Disney.

Revolve Clothing Boutique
My daughter is a fan of Disney especially The Suite Life and Wizards of Waverly Place.  As my daughter was happily watching Suite Life and laughing, I was happily watching with her and checking out Revolve Clothing.  I love a trip to their Melrose store when I am in LA so the next best thing when I am not in LA is their web site.  They have a great selection of designers and truly have something for everyone.

I also love how they have boutiques set up on their web site.  It's a great way to see the brands and items that celebrities and fashion insiders are currently loving and is a great place to find inspiration.  Brenda Song has a boutique on the Revolve site and I was amazed by her fashion savvy.  Having watched her for the past few years on The Suite Life I sometimes still think of her as a teenager when, in the words of my daughter, "She and Ashley Tisdale are all grown up now Mom, just like I'm growing up."

My daughter thought her Boutique was so cool and, that based on her fabulous picks, Brenda Song should think about fashion design as a second career.   She also thinks that Revolve needs to carry clothes for young girls preferably from 7 For All Mankind, Splendid and Ella Moss.

After we finished watching Brenda Song on The Suite Life and shopping at her Revolve boutique, my daughter said she was going to work on some music.  And I knew she was on the mend when she sat at her keyboard and started singing.  When your child starts feeling better that is the sweetest song.

My Style Shout Out Tip:  Pick up the April issue of People Style Watch and check out page 98 for an exclusive discount when you shop at Revolve Clothing's web site.  Who doesn't like a little discounted treasure when shopping?  Happy Tuesday!

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